Picture Post: Leaving Olympia

DSCN0458More pictures. Less words. Just the fluff of life to help me keep track of it all.

Now that we’ve been in our new house a few weeks and finally have internet, it’s time to play catch up. Life is good in Portland (more on that in another post) but before getting here, we wrapped things up in Olympia. Here are some pics from our last month or so in Olympia:

We were regulars at the Lacey library.
We even ran into grandpa there one fine morning.
These rides at the mall are really depressing to me but Lucia loves them. I hopped on this time, surely breaking all weight restrictions.

DSCN0230We had the chance to watch Lucia’s 2nd cousin Sommar for a few nights. The girls had a blast together. And Lucia liked to pretend she was taking care of Sommar too.


On a serious stroller walk.
Roaring like a lion at the zoo.
Spring loveliness
One last trip, for now, to one of our favorite parks on the Puget Sound. Even better that it was about 75 degrees so I let Lucia go crazy running around in the water.
Running around with Daddy in our ‘backyard’ (actually a field owned by the church next door).


Beautiful night for a fire out back.
We may have taken the opportunity on this lovely night to torch our Christmas tree. Four months of drying out created quite the flame.
As it went up in flames, I was equally impressed at the sight and terrified that we were about to start a forest fire.
Dying Easter eggs with Anne and Sommar.
Who doesn’t love a visit from the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile?
Another day, another park. This one good for throwing rocks into a river.
Lucia likes to “season” logs with salt, pepper and sugar.
I like to use the logs as a tripod for my self timer.
Easter morning
On the hunt
DSCN0482 Hunt number 2 at grandma and grandpa’s.


Our fav breakfast spot in Olympia, The Spar

DSCN0542After living at the Grace House, as its called, for 5 or so months, it ended just like that. The Grace House is a house owned by Grace Covenant Church next door, housing church staff or others. Because of the always transient nature of it’s inhabitants, the house is an open space.

Lucia hangin with her Uncle Jeff

DSCN0540People move in and out as the seasons of their life change, friends breeze through the door without knocking (for the most part…Sarah), many meals are shared, deep conversations are fostered and unique communities are formed over and over again as the make-up of it’s regulars change. I’m grateful for the ways we were taken in, for the friendships formed and the ways we could take part in this community life during a unique season in our lives. We were so graciously welcomed in by those living and frequenting there, becoming a small part of the long story of many who have lived there. Thanks to all who had a part in making us feel at home.

DSCN0220And now after 2 or so years of sharing spaces with others, we are back in our own space. Let’s make this house into a home! We’re working on it anyway.


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