31 Years Old and 31 Weeks Along

I realized that last week I was 30 years old and 30 weeks pregnant and this week I’m 31 years old and 31 weeks along. Well that’s never gonna happen again so time to give Baby Boy a moment in the spotlight. DSCN0899I haven’t had much to say during this pregnancy because there just hasn’t been much to say. I’ve thankfully had an uneventful 7 plus months and look forward to closing things out strong, whatever that means. I love that the baby’s movements have turned from tiny flutters to “whoa, now there’s a hand or foot or something”. You can even see big movements on the outside of my belly. The other day it looked a lot like baby was ‘raising the roof’ in there with this little rhythmic motion. It may be a bit more uncomfortable but it reminds that there really is a baby in there and we are already so strongly connected. Even as I write this, baby is squirming/kicking/jabbing all over the place. Can’t wait to meet him in August!

Pregnancy is an interesting yet beautiful time for many reasons. You know this if you have been pregnant or close to someone who is/has been pregnant. It’s demanding and limiting at the same time, in the most positive sense of each word. You are reminded daily that you are not in control of your body but at the same time your ever changing body is a reminder of how to better inhabit it (whether pregnant or not). When you wake up one day to find out you are growing a little person in you, it places some demands on the way you live. From eating to sleeping to general activities–everything is affected–and you have a million doctor’s visits to keep accountable to that.  So you change your habits as your body slowly changes. Changing habits is no small task, by the way. The demands of pregnancy require you to think of someone else before yourself, just a smidgen of a glimpse of life actually raising the baby. For many, these many demands of parenting turn into a source of great joy. It’s no wonder that some moms never find their way back to prioritizing themselves over their kids.

While the body reaches to meet the demands of pregnancy, it also finds the edges of it’s limitations. And in a culture obsessed with doing more and being more, this is a good thing. Slowing down, resting and taking a break now and then become as important to growing a healthy baby as eating well and staying active. All of a sudden, a permission slip to be a ‘human being’ instead of a ‘human doing’. Not always easy but gloriously enriching for the soul. My hope is to practice this mindset long after baby boy makes his debut. And you too. Go ahead, give yourself permission to nap today instead of getting something done on the to-do list or take a few moments to rest with no devices and direct the mind towards something it’s grateful for.DSCN0900About these photos, I have to confess that they are not the serene, naturally captured moments as I have tried to make them appear. They are the product of me and my camera on self timer. I get pretty opinionated about lighting, angles, and shots so instead of putting someone through that process (ahem, Matt), I just do it myself. This means that I set it up, run quick, try to remember the spot I was before and what I need to change from the last shot, then make it look like I wasn’t just rushing around like a crazy person because yes, I do look like a crazy person during the process. But its worth it.

DSCN0906One last self timed shot, this one from our front porch.

DSCN0810And here I was last week at 30 weeks…in my Pink Floyd pjs. DSCN0822 DSCN0849 I had a wonderful 31st birthday with my family. The great thing about having your birthday on a Friday is that you can stretch it out over the whole weekend. And being in Portland, most of the weekend activity was anchored in good food. Lucia and I headed out to a new park on the river for the afternoon. It was a lovely day–beautiful, warm and filled with love.DSCN0850 DSCN0860 DSCN0862Bikes, bikes, everywhere. DSCN0861Lucia splashed around in the river (amongst the dogs), taking particular joy in getting me as wet as possible. DSCN0865 DSCN0871 Food truck yumminess at night followed by brunch the next day. Brunch is my favorite–good food and sipping (decaf for now) coffee over long, lingering conversations makes me more happy than it probably should.DSCN0875 And those long conversations were facilitated in part by this great play area next to our table at the restaurant. At a place where there is always a wait and extra space could easily be used for more tables, I really appreciate that they keep it a kids area.

Here are some pics of other recent happenings:

DSCN0727 Hanging with visitors Jeff and Sarah at Mount Tabor park.DSCN0734 DSCN0736I just need to put this one in cause Lucia loves Jordan so much. Here we were celebrating her graduation from grad school. Lucia followed her around, hanging on her every move. And whenever we go to Nate and Jordan’s place, she keeps talking about it and asks to go back for about the next five days in a row. DSCN0741 We had the chance to keep tradition of camping on Memorial Day and go to Ocean Shores in WA with great friends. Different place, some of the same faces since multiple of our dearest Chicago friends have moved to Seattle over the past year. Lucia and Zeke had so much fun running around and playing together.DSCN0748 So great to be reunited with the Wilsons now that they live closer.DSCN0742 Feeling snuggly with daddy at the beach.DSCN0750 DSCN0752 DSCN0754 We had access to a little sandpit on our campsite and with these two little ones, it was the best thing ever. Hours of entertainment! Apparently Lucia was getting a little handsy in the sandpit.DSCN0757 Lucia and I enjoyed a day not long ago at another new river park. We were having a great time at this spot until some geese chased us out. They swam right to us, walked over, started quacking at us and getting too close for my comfort so we ran away. They won.DSCN0762So then we walk up to this nice grassy area to enjoy our picnic lunch but shortly after a squirrel decided to join us, getting waaay too close.  DSCN0764I presume from it’s boldness that it wanted some of our food. As it got close, I tried to shoo it away but it didn’t go very far. It lurked around this close-by tree until it perched over us like so… DSCN0769 …directly over us, watching our every move as we ate. Do you see it in that branch?!? I mean, seriously. I was half afraid it would jump right onto us and gobble up our food. Didn’t make for the most relaxing lunch but we toughed it out. It was quite the day with wild life. We continue to enjoy new parks and adventures around the city.


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