Introducing Jameson Matthew!

DSCN1544On August 5th, at 10:31 AM, we welcomed Jameson Matthew! He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces, was 18.75 inches long and so cute:)

DSCN1449Here we are heading to the hospital. If you think we look relaxed, well rested and I don’t look like I’m in pain/labor, you’re right.

After laboring 20 plus hours then having a c-section with his older sister, it was quite a different experience having a scheduled c-section this time around. Not that choosing to have a c-section was about the convenience, which is probably the worst reason to choose having one, but it did come with it’s benefits: picking the date and time! being prepared for the birth to happen! getting a full nights sleep the day before! And bonus: not being in labor meant a relaxed ride to the hospital verses the ‘excruciatingly long (well, only 20 minute)-on all fours in the back seat-laboring in pain-ride’ back when I had Lucia. We’re just thankful it all went well and we were able to meet our little guy with no complications. DSCN1453It was a beautiful morning to have a baby.DSCN1527And just like that (so to speak) there he was! DSCN1496

Daddy getting a good look. Everyone that has been asking about the name but there’s not much of a story. Jameson is a name we’ve had picked out for years just because we like it and Matthew is obviously after his dad. We had the name ready if Lucia was a boy and still liked it so went for it. We were both fans of the name James and liked Jameson even more as a different version of it. And the whiskey isn’t bad either:)

DSCN1504  Lucia was immediately in love with her brother. She burst into the room asking to hold Jameson right away and hasn’t wanted to stop being near him since.DSCN1523He seems to like her too. She is actually quite helpful with diaper changes, keeping him entertained and checking on him when he’s crying. She loves being a big sis.DSCN1536 DSCN1555 DSCN1563  DSCN1596 DSCN1602Kids: check. Coffee: check. I’m set!DSCN1608 Lucia got pretty comfortable holding Jameson on my bed in the hospital. And the elephant was the special toy Lucia picked to give her brother when he was born.

DSCN1609With Grandma and Grandpa (and a sweet view of Portland). DSCN1611   DSCN1632So gentle with her sweet little brother. DSCN1631Then he let out one of those reflexive, kinda creepy, baby smiles.DSCN1616Some of Jameson’s special visitors, Nate and Jordan.

DSCN1640 And uncle Jeff.DSCN1671To do a fun little comparison: here’s Jameson…

DSCN0567…and here’s Lucia three years earlier. Some similarities, some differences.

DSCN1694Love those first special moments.

DSCN1702 One more look out at the view…DSCN1709And it was time to go home.

Welcome Jameson Matthew! We love you so much and are so excited to watch you grow. Let’s just start out by getting through this newborn stage:) So far, so good. Not much sleep, lots of poop, but good.

“You make loving you easy. You make loving you all I wanna do.” -ZBB


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