Jameson Rockin 3 Months

DSCN2466Jameson is 3 months old this week!

DSCN2199Jameson is cute and he’s growing so he’s fulfilling all his baby responsibilities quite well. When he’s awake (and doesn’t immediately need something), he is usually happy, smiley and moving. Kicking legs, moving arms round and around, sucking his fingers, looking every which way or to whoever is talking to him. And he can coo like nobody’s business, sometimes very loudly (especially when ‘talking’ to the smiling sun toy on his play mat). So he’s an engaged little guy. Easy to get excited and happy. He loves being talked to, happy squeals from big sis and actually likes being on his tummy. He’s working on sucking fingers/thumb and I see glimpses of trying to roll around on his side.jameson

I love his little Wild Thing outfit that he has almost outgrown.DSCN2275 DSCN2289Jameson spends much time like this, wrapped up and carried by me. I’m just lucky that he likes it and can take his naps like this especially since he HAS to be with me when I help at Lucia’s school a few times a month. DSCN2324 DSCN2392Lucia looooves her little bro (still). She is so excited when he is awake and is actually a great help with him (sometimes). DSCN2437 Hanging out at the pumpkin patch.DSCN2438 DSCN2439 Jameson’s buddy, Annika. DSCN2472Loving the fingers these days. Pretty soon after he was born, we noticed that even after he was full, he was still trying to suck those fingers. I remember saying to my sister, “he’s just a particularly sucky baby”, ha! That is one of the few things that differentiates him from his sister at this age. They are about the same in terms of sleep at 3 months (working on more consistent longer stretches but showing great sleep habit signs along the way), both sleep best when swaddled and have the same energetic spirit. It’ll be fun to see his personality come out as he grows.

DSCN2469Love you Jameson! You bring our family so much joy. I love to watch you sleep, coo, smile, giggle and kick. I could watch it all day. In fact, I do:)


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