Half a Year With This Dude-Jameson is 6 months

Our sweet baby Jameson is 6 months old!

He is growing fast and doing well. We’ll find out just how much he has grown at his doctor’s appointment next week. He is a very content little guy. Happy to play and be held by everyone (no mama clinginess yet). He seems to be very social already, making great eye contact and smiling wide to all. And just so squish-able, kiss-able, round and cuddly. What a great stage to enjoy.

He likes to sit up (almost on his own), play with toys, roll over, suck his fingers, loudly squeal while playing, take baths and be tickled under his neck. He can swing in a baby swing, sit in a high chair, stroller and almost a shopping cart.

He has been eating rice cereal and fruit the last few weeks and loves it. Next up–veggies. Feeding him can be difficult as he likes to guide each bite into his mouth then grip that spoon with all his might until I pry it out of his little fingers for the next bite, happily squealing and screaming the whole time. We’re exited for all the new foods he will soon try! It seems like he will be a great eater and I hope so because he already gets veeery distracted when nursing. If something else is going on around him, he just wants to be a part of it.

He has become a more consistent sleeper so we get much longer stretches ourselves. Once he started rolling over, around Christmastime, we stopped swaddling him and now he sleeps best when he flips over on his tummy. He is still in a pack n play in our room but is almost ready to sleep in his own crib and share a room with his sister!

First time in a high chair this week! Naturally it was at a sushi place where you grab what you want off a moving conveyor belt–perfect.

We are so in love with our sweet little Jameson! No complaints yet:)


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