Lucia is Four!

Birthday donuts at Pip’s!

Lucia turned four in March. She is at a glorious age where life is magical and everything is fair game for imaginary play. Shoe boxes become doll beds, kitchen tongs are presents on Christmas morning and even remote controls can become friends and talk to each other.

It has been fun to watch her personality develop this year as she tries new things like school and dance/swim classes. A few things about her have seemed to emerge, or rather solidify, as she buds from a toddler flowering into a little girl. She is social, determined, a rule follower and likes to create order (positive: watches out for others, likes to fix situations going off the rails, negatives: tells others what they’re doing wrong). She likes to work on new skills and is noticeably proud of herself when she works hard to get something right–like a new ballet move. She notices everything, likes to figure out all the hows and whys of life and has a great memory. Sometimes she’ll whip out some random snippet of life from over a year ago that I forgot about and I am always amazed.

Celebration day at school!

Lucia is fiercely independent and wants to do everything herself sometimes even through tears, assuring us that she doesn’t need help. The funny thing is, she really is able to do most things herself and I feel like if we were abducted by aliens and she was left by herself, she would still go through her bedtime routine anyway and take care of Jameson just fine. Speaking of, she is an awesome big sister and a great diaper changing assistant. My favorite sibling moments have been when I’m running around like crazy to get out the door and as I hear Jameson’s screams turn to coos, I round the corner to see Lucia gently rocking his car seat and singing him a lullaby. But that’s her–kind, thoughtful and empathetic. She anticipates needs and takes care of them. Like waiting at the door saying “tell me when you’re ready and I’ll open the door for you”. And she comforts me when I am sad or get hurt with sweet words like”it’s okay Momma” as she pats my back or knee. I just love that girl.

Some of her favorite things are: taking care of her baby doll, playing outside and at the park, going to school, saving up coins to get candy from the dollar store, sleeping with socks on (a must!) and watching her ‘videos’ on YouTube about toys (weird but whatever).  Dislikes include: eating dinner that she doesn’t like, being forced to do anything for that matter (but who does like that?) and getting hurt or being left out. She’s still on her way to being pretty tall, topping the charts at 100th percentile for height/weight and her feet are starting to look more and more like my size.

More celebrations!

Life is not all daisies and roses with a four year old but overall, she’s a great girl and I just like being with her. She is genuinely great company and makes my life better not just because she is my daughter but because she always watching out for and helping us out. Plus four year olds have the best and most giggly dance parties and wrestling matches:)


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