Jameson at 9 Months


Jameson is 9 months old! He has now spent as much time out of the womb as in and -my oh my- has so much developed in that time. He weighs about 17 pounds and comes in at about 27 inches long. Just about average for a boy and just about perfect to us. He is at a stage of almosts…he can almost crawl, almost pull himself up to standing and almost feed himself by picking up food. What can he do you ask? He can sit, scooch around, play on his own very contently and get himself up from belly to sitting. If there’s one thing this boy loves to do, it is EAT! He eats solids 4-5 times a day, plus nursing just as much, and hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like. He says “mmmmm” when he sees his food coming and says it at other times to let us know he’s hungry. He gets so desperate for food, even while eating, that he’ll sometimes cry between each bite because we just aren’t giving it to him fast enough. But all this eating means….

He’s sleeping about 11 hours an night, every night. Pure bliss! And lest you think this happens magically, let me assure you that it does not! At about 5 and a half months, he started waking up every 2-3 hours again and I thought, “nuh-uh, I am not going to make it through this again!!!”. I thought about his lack of routine, being the 2nd child and all, while schlepping around to all of Lucia’s activities. So I started paying attention to his rhythms, eating times, nap schedules and then I got a little more routine about it, upped his food and crossed my fingers. Once he was eating more and more, around 6 months, I was confident he didn’t need to eat as much during the night so we helped him on a gentle (not too much crying) sleep training routine. This was aided by him sleeping in his own bed for sure. He did great and now if he hear him wake up for like a one-second cry, he goes right on back to sleep til morn’. Hallelujah!!! He and Lucia share a room which is working out great. He just sleeps right on through her coming in at night and Lucia just sleeps right on through him crying in the morning. Win-win.

Other loves include pat-a-cake, being tickled, swinging at the playground, baths, smacking his lips around his 2 little teeth and his sister. He just lights up when he sees her. When he sees her first thing in the morning, he starts smiling, squealing and kicking his feet. No one can make him laugh like she can.

My favorite thing he does has to be his forehead nuzzling. It seems to be his way of getting close and showing affection. He has this habit of putting his forehead on mine, bracing it on either side with his two hands, then bobbing back and forth, over and over (which hurts but I don’t care!) saying “ahhhhhhh” or turning towards me when I’m holding him to nuzzle into me. He’s such a snugly little boy. My sweet baby. One of my *least favorite things has to be the fervor at which he grabs at my skin like its fabric. Every morning feeding is like a series of skin grabbing and eye gouging that results in tiny claw marks all over me, no matter how many times I cut those nails. He’s a grabby-McGrabberson. But overall, he’s a pretty laid back and content little guy (besides the baby witching hour, of course).

We love you so much, our sweet little Jameson! I’m excited to see your budding personality continue to flourish.



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